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: Uncooked Meals Storage

Do you end up asking, “The place ought to I retailer these dehydrated crackers?” or “Can I freeze this uncooked soup?” Good questions! In any case, you need to preserve your valuable uncooked elements & recipes as recent as attainable, proper?

On this put up, I’ll talk about finest practices for the storage of entire uncooked meals and ready uncooked dishes, together with storage location and varieties of containers.

Not Storage Materials!

Don’t retailer your oh-so-yummy inexperienced smoothie within the fridge. You’ve got in all probability discovered this the onerous means! Smoothies are finest loved straight out of the blender. If saved within the fridge, smoothies lose taste and texture (consistency). An enormous ugh to saved smoothies!

Similar with uncooked soups. Do not retailer your leftover tomato soup within the blender within the fridge (a double fake pas!).

The Rawtarian says:If mornings are tremendous busy, plunk your whole smoothie elements within the blender the evening earlier than. Within the morning: take from fridge, mix and voila!

In relation to storing salad, do not retailer leafy greens with dressing already on board. They only aren’t pleased once you try this! Retailer your fave dressing in a separate container out of your salad to keep away from sogginess. 

Retailer your ready greens in particular person containers. Every veggie has a unique storage time. Shredded carrots will not final so long as chopped broccoli, for instance. Plus you need your flavors to remain true, proper? So retailer your veggies individually!

The place & For How lengthy?

Ready recipes:

Pates & nut-based spreads/dressings: Savory recipes like Walnut Pate and Alfredo Sauce will retailer properly within the fridge (3 days).

Dehydrated savory recipes: Retailer within the freezer! When you preserve dehydrated gadgets within the fridge, they may soak up moisture and go gentle. Yuck! So retailer within the freezer! Toss your dehydrated goodies (like dehydrated burgers, crackers and pizza crust) in ziploc luggage and freeze. Eat proper out of the freezer or let sit on counter for 5-10 minutes.

Or you’ll be able to even toss them within the dehydrator, simply lengthy sufficient to heat them up and take any further moisture out. Dehydrated crackers retain their consistency and taste extraordinarily properly. I like to recommend letting them cool off after dehydrating, then placing them straight into the freezer. Any nut-heavy dehydrated savory recipe will preserve properly within the freezer. Not the fridge!

Two weeks is my most freezing time for something, however that is simply me.

Desserts: Most of my uncooked dessert recipes are saved within the freezer (if it says to retailer in freezer, then be sure to do!).

This can be a necessity for these recipes as a result of their elements (like coconut oil). Fruit-based desserts (like pies) retailer finest within the freezer, because the filling will leak into the crust and go all smooshy. I preserve my desserts as much as 2 weeks in freezer, in the event that they final that lengthy!

Nonetheless, recipes like brownies and truffles retailer properly within the fridge for as much as every week. They retailer within the freezer equally properly. Frozen brownies style sooo good!

Uncooked meals elements:

This is a bit trick I discovered: retailer your fruits and veggies on the highest shelf! This is not a lot about storage as it’s about “visibility.” While you open your fridge, instantly your eyes can be drawn to your wholesome uncooked meals gadgets. It is a psychological factor, and it really works (for me, at any fee!).

Nonetheless, I do favor my fruits at room temperature, not chilly. So whereas I preserve these things within the fridge, every single day I put those I am going eat on a plate on the counter. It is a great way to maintain monitor of how a lot I am consuming in addition to rotating out the older gadgets.

The Rawtarian says:Label your freezer gadgets with the date frozen. That means you will not eat one thing that is positively historic!

Onions and root veggies: Retailer in a darkish cool location.

Nuts & issues: Ideally within the fridge or freezer, so the oils within the nuts do not go off. Nonetheless, I retailer my nuts, together with seeds (chia, flax, and many others) and dried fruits within the pantry, grouped collectively by sort so that they’re simple to seek out. I additionally group collectively my ‘moist’ gadgets like honey, olive & coconut oils within the pantry, as properly.


I prefer to retailer liquid-y gadgets in glass mason jars. Glass is nice for not leaching flavors or oils or colour from the merchandise (like from sun-dried tomatoes in oil). Glass pyrex bowls with rubber lids (or good previous cling wrap!) additionally work properly.

Tupperware is nice, together with ziploc luggage for goodies like cookies and crackers.

The Rawtarian says:

A blender will not be a storage container!

Ideally, retailer your meals gadgets in containers that supply visibility (sure, once more with the visibility!). You need to have the ability to see what is going on on inside!

Questions, Anybody?

I hope this has answered a few of your uncooked meals storage questions! Please do be happy to share your favourite storage ideas and experiences!

It’s also possible to hearken to the Uncooked Meals Storage Hacks podcast proper now!


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