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Thursday, February 29, 2024
HomeCookbookThe right way to Lower Napa Cabbage

The right way to Lower Napa Cabbage

Introducing 3 methods to chop napa cabbage, so you’ll be able to create the perfect texture if you prepare dinner totally different dishes. 

Napa cabbage, also called Chinese language cabbage, is named Bai Cai (straight interprets as “white cabbage”) in China. In comparison with common cabbage, napa cabbage is larger and longer. The leaves have a white thick half that’s fairly crisp and juicy. The leaves are extra wrinkled than common cabbage they usually flip tender after cooking. 

It’s a very versatile vegetable and some of the well-liked greens in Northern China, the place I used to be born and grew up. Within the early 90’, trendy supermarkets weren’t widespread and we didn’t have many types of greens from the South like we do as of late. Within the winter, napa cabbage was one of many few inexperienced greens we might get our fingers on. 

There are numerous methods to prepare dinner with napa cabbage. We regularly add it to soups, make napa cabbage stir fry, make it right into a stew to serve with rice, and make sauerkraut with it. 

The right way to minimize napa cabbage

There are a couple of methods to chop napa cabbage to make use of in Chinese language cooking. And it’s vital to prep it correctly so that you get the perfect texture.

Technique 1 – the perfect texture

This methodology is appropriate if you want a smaller quantity of napa cabbage within the cooking. And it’s particularly useful when slicing outer leaves, which have a thick and hard white half.

  1. Take away the outer leaves utilizing your fingers, so that you solely take the leaves you’ll be cooking, leaving the remainder of the napa cabbage intact. This fashion, the remainder of the napa cabbage could be saved within the fridge for a really very long time, often as much as a month or so.
  2. Stack 2 to three leaves at a time, and halve them crosswise, to separate the white stem half from the leafy half.
How to cut napa cabbage
  1. Slice off the inexperienced half from the white stem.
Cut greens off napa cabbage
  1. Slice the white half into small bite-sized items.
How to cut napa cabbage white part
  1. Lower the inexperienced leafy half into massive bite-size items. 
How to cut napa cabbage green part
  1. Maintain the white and the inexperienced components separated. Cook dinner the white half first earlier than including the greens, for the proper cooked texture.
  2. (Elective) You possibly can additional slice or cube the white or inexperienced components into smaller items, for instance, lengthy skinny strips for making salad and coleslaw, or a small cube for dumpling filling. 

This methodology can take an additional minute, however it’s my favourite option to minimize napa cabbage. The white half often takes slightly longer to prepare dinner, and it tastes the perfect when it turns into tender. The greens are sooner to prepare dinner, they usually shrink lots. So I hold the minimize items fairly massive to yield a superb texture.

Technique 2 – a quick approach

This slicing methodology could be very quick, and it’s appropriate for when it is advisable prepare dinner with a considerable amount of napa cabbage. 

  1. Halve the entire head of napa cabbage lengthwise.
  2. Then quarter the top of napa cabbage.
  3. For every quarter, additional minimize it in half.
  4. Slice every eighth of the cabbage into bite-sized items.
How to cut napa cabbage

This slicing methodology is nice for braising, when it’s OK to barely overcook the greens or hold the white half a bit al-dente.It’s also nice for youthful and smaller napa cabbages, or if you’ve used the outer leaves and want to make use of the tender core. On this case, the white half is skinny and tender, so it cooks virtually as quick because the inexperienced half.

Technique 3 – for stir fries

The third slicing methodology is very useful if you cope with further thick white stem components, particularly in a stir fry. 

  1. Separate the napa cabbage leaves by solely tearing off those you propose to prepare dinner with.
  2. Lower off the inexperienced components and slice them into massive bite-sized items.
  3. When slicing the white half, tilt your knife to 45 levels and slice the stem into irregular bite-sized items. 
How to cut napa cabbage for stir frying

This methodology is ideal for a stir fry, when it is advisable prepare dinner the white half inside a shorter time frame so it received’t launch an excessive amount of water. By tilting the knife, the white half items are thinner and simple to prepare dinner by way of. The irregular form additional will increase the floor space to assist the white half soak up extra sauce.

That’s it! I hope this put up helps you narrow napa cabbage in keeping with the dish you’re making ready, so that you take pleasure in this nice vegetable much more!

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