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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Superfrau targets enjoyable however useful beverage class with upcycled fizzy whey drink

The ‘barely tart, barely candy’ carbonated beverage – which accommodates pure flavors – additionally accommodates lactase enzyme to interrupt down lactose (milk sugar) from the whey into less complicated sugars for a ‘lactose-free’ positioning.

It is whey… but it surely’s not Muscle Milk…

The electrolyte-packed beverage – which accommodates significant ranges of calcium, riboflavin, phosphorous, thiamin, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, zinc, potassium, magnesium and selenium – doesn’t look or style like milk and isn’t a high-protein beverage (it has 3g protein) like Muscle Milk, stresses Superfrau​ ​founder Melissa Martinelli.

Therefore the choice to bundle it in a brightly coloured can and residential in on its key useful attributes – notably a broad spectrum of electrolytes, B nutritional vitamins (together with 25% of the RDA for B12) and lactic acid – explains Martinelli, who acknowledges that the most important problem has been figuring out how finest to place her product.

Once I’ve been doing sampling and listening to folks’s suggestions, there’s at all times an affiliation with whey and protein, so there’s a variety of training, because it’s not a high-protein drink.

“And whereas it accommodates dairy, it’s lactose-free, so a part of the explanation we selected the ​[bright, soda-like] packaging was to create a transparent disconnect ​[from consumer associations with whey], says Martinelli, an immigration legal professional turned beverage entrepreneur whose entrepreneurial juices began flowing when she first tried whey drinks throughout a go to to Austria.

My husband is from Austria, the place they’ve a very fashionable drink ​[Latella​] made with contemporary liquid whey. I attempted it, and it was so refreshing and satisfying and nutritious, so I noticed a extremely compelling waste to worth alternative. There’s additionally a preferred Swiss drink referred to as Rivella.


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