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Thursday, February 29, 2024
HomeSuperfoodClif Builders Protein Bar Overview – A Sweet Bar in Disguise

Clif Builders Protein Bar Overview – A Sweet Bar in Disguise

Clif Builders is the Clif model’s protein bar sequence, with full-size bars (68 g per bar) and Minis (half a bar at 34 g per). The total bar supplies 11 g of fats, 20 g of protein, and 29 g of carbohydrates. The flavour, consistency, and components are sweet bar-like, which can concern health-conscious people. Learn on for full Clif Builders evaluation.

Runivore review of Clif Builders Protein Bar


Clif Bar and Firm is among the early manufacturers within the power bar trade and is broadly credited for this gas format’s crossover into the on a regular basis snack market. Clif Bars have lengthy been a staple of our path working and out of doors experiences.

With a few huge targets arising, I’ve ramped up coaching and have tried to be extra diligent with post-workout diet and protein consumption. So it’s nice timing to attempt the Clif Builders protein bar sequence. The flavour chosen for this Clif Builders evaluation is Chocolate Peanut Butter.


What’s Clif Builders?

Clif Builders is the Clif Bar model’s protein bars, with full-size bars (68 g per bar) and Minis (half a bar at 34 g per). They arrive in seven flavors based mostly on what’s accessible within the firm’s on-line store.

Every CLIF Builders supplies 20 g of protein. The bars comprise no trans-fat, no excessive fructose corn syrup, and no genetically engineered components, in accordance with Clif. They’re additionally kosher, gluten-free, and low glycemic, claimed the corporate.


What’s the dietary content material of Clif Builders?

Clif Builders Chocolate Peanut Butter is a 68 g protein bar with 290 energy. It supplies 11 g of fats, of which 6 g are saturated fats, 20 g of protein, and 29 g of carbohydrates, of which 17 g are from sugars. It additionally incorporates a broad vary of micro-nutrients.

It’s a hearty bar that packs it in. The excessive content material of saturated fats and added sugar may concern extra health-conscious people.

Let’s take this chance to study a bit of extra about saturated fats.

What’s saturated fats?

Fats, together with protein and carbohydrates, are the three macronutrients the human physique makes use of within the largest quantity. There are three kinds of fat: saturated fats, unsaturated fats, and trans fats, all made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules.

Saturated fats is saturated with hydrogen molecules, which ends up in it being strong at room temperature. Sources of saturated fat embrace pink meat, dairy, and plant-based oils akin to coconut oil and palm oil.

Saturated fat are doubtless not as horrible or wholesome as proponents from either side made them out to be. Whereas research have linked saturated fats consumption to coronary heart illnesses, they’re removed from conclusive.

Saturated fat are broadly utilized in junk meals, contributing to their unhealthy status. Nonetheless, additionally they exist in wholesome meals akin to cheese and complete milk. Like many meals, saturated fat are doubtless innocent when consumed carefully and should even present some well being advantages.


What are the components of Clif Builders?

That’s a protracted record. Whereas I applaud that many components are natural and Rainforest Alliance Licensed, some will be categorized as unhealthy. (We not too long ago reviewed a Larabar, which solely incorporates two components.)

I’m additionally curious how this bar will be marketed as low-glycemic since cane syrup, cane sugar, and brown rice syrup are the third, fourth, and fifth most ample components.

A number of gadgets on the record caught our eye:

  • Palm kernel oil is excessive in saturated fats. Palm oil farming can be one of many most environmentally damaging agricultural sectors.
  • Nearly all of protein comes from soy protein isolate and soy protein. They’re plant-based proteins that may be superior to whey protein for pre-workout. Nonetheless, Clif Builders Chocolate Peanut Butter isn’t vegan-friendly and geared toward post-workout restoration. One factor value mentioning is that the price of soy protein is considerably decrease than that of whey protein.
  • Excessive oleic sunflower oil is a monounsaturated fats excessive in omega-9 and vitamin E. Attainable advantages embrace the discount of unhealthy ldl cholesterol and constructive results on cell and tissue well being.
  • Chicory root syrup, because the identify suggests, is extracted from chicory root. It’s a pure, low-glycemic sugar and should have intestine well being advantages.


What’s the style and consistency of Clif Builders?

Clif Builders Chocolate Peanut Butter is a sweet bar disguised as a protein bar. The style is just like many chocolate- and peanut butter-flavored snacks, so it’s wealthy and candy with 20 g of protein added.

I positioned one in my working belt for restoration instantly after a 15km run. The feel is excellent, not too chewy regardless of the chilly climate, and it held collectively nicely. The run and the strain from the belt didn’t crumble the bar.



Let’s get the unhealthy out of the best way. Clif Builders protein bars are in all probability not for you should you’re a well being nut. If it appears to be like like a sweet bar, tastes like a sweet bar, and the ingredient record is lengthy and sophisticated like a sweet bar, it’s just about a sweet bar.

The great factor is sweet bars often style good. Clif Builders Chocolate Peanut Butter additionally packs 290 energy, 20 g of protein, and 29 g of carbohydrates in a compact kind issue. When going lengthy and onerous within the wild or after a tricky session, one thing with a richer taste and supplies a caloric punch isn’t a nasty possibility.

As a result of components used, we wouldn’t suggest Clif Builders as an on a regular basis snack for well being causes. However its sweet bar-like taste ought to hit the spot throughout varied athletic excursions.


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